Commemorative Photos

Commemorative Photos make for wonderful "swag" to give to your guests as a keepsake at any party, wedding, prom, grand opening, concert, sporting event, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Quinceañera, or any other celebration.

Here's how it works: After I obtain your approval of artwork incorporating your message, branding, or logo (done well before the big event day), I photograph the guests at the venue and hand them a ticket with their image number and the website address to view the photo online.

That's it! No time-consuming framing or expensive setups are needed at the event to create the Commemorative Photo. All of the digital work is done after your event. The event organizer may pay a flat fee to provide wonderful souvenir photographs for all guests.

Make your big event a memorable time for all your celebrants! Contact me or call me at (708) 365-9090 for details and pricing.