Meet the Photographer

David Levin

I’m a San Diego, California area photographer (formerly from Chicago) who takes great pride and care to capture images that will document your special occasion to bring you the highest quality photography to earn your satisfaction.   The same pride and care goes into my portrait, landscape, coastalscape, and cityscape photography as well. 

It’s my job to be a visual storyteller who strives to provide you with memories that are unique, creative, dramatic, elegant, engaging, and stunning.   To create these characteristics in my photographs, I start with a casual, relaxed atmosphere with each of my clients during my photo sessions. Building a rapport with the people I photograph builds a trust in my work to make photographs that highlight their best attributes. That’s what a professional photographer should do.

Bringing emotional excitement through my landscape photography, along with my coastalscape and cityscape artwork, is my highest priority to please you.  The highest quality of materials to produce stunning views of my travels is what I love to do.  In addition to seeing my photographs in this website, please be sure to visit another website of mine at to find a wider collection of offerings. 

I’m a personable and easygoing kind of guy who has a keen eye for details, stays organized to cover your day’s event or photo session, stays focused on your photographic assignments, and listens carefully with my ears and with my camera. I’m committed to what I do for you, and I care about the success of your wedding, event, portraits, or landscape photography wishes as much as you do.

My professional on-site photography includes...

• Virtual Group Panoramic Photographs 

• Composite Portraits of Company or Department Personnel

• Class Reunions, Family Reunions, and Senior Class Panoramic Photographs

• Formal Portraits

• Wedding and Engagement Photography

• Panoramic Photographs of Teams or Groups

• Surfboard Art

• Landscape, Seascape, and Coastal Scape Photography

• Senior Portraits

• Real Estate Photography

• Event Photography

• Sports Artistry Posters and Flyers

• Athletic Portraits & Illustrations

• Commemorative Photographs

Find out more about my photography.   Just contact me (by clicking here for a pop-up box) or call me directly at

(708) 365-9090.  I’ll be happy to talk to you!

Keep smiling,