Surfboard Art: A Purple Orange Majestic Sunset

The scene in this high definition photograph was captured along the coastline of Windansea Beach in La Jolla, California. As the sun set in this scenic area, I found the sky’s soft colors changed quickly into gorgeous purple and orange pastels that reflected so sweetly into the ocean. And since Windansea Beach claims to have some of the best waves for surfing, what a fitting tribute to have nature’s art in the form of a surfboard.

Using cutting-edge printing technologies on a tightly woven, aerospace-grade fiberglass cloth, the photograph is wrapped around a custom shaped horizontal surfboard to deliver high resolution, vibrant color. Then the surfboard is custom glassed with multiple layers of premium liquid fiberglass materials to give a superior, enhanced glossy appearance. The art piece measures 6’ 3” long.

A Purple Orange Majestic Sunset is a compelling and beautifully shaped custom surfboard that has that great year-round, laid-back feeling that California beaches bring. Perfect for your home, office, or business to make an eye-catching and impactful statement .

$1,245 (plus s/h and CA sales tax) for this limited edition.  (Free delivery within a 40 mile radius of Carlsbad, CA.)  A beautiful blond wood Hawaiian Surf Rack 25 will be included at no extra cost to display this surfboard art for your wall. 

Contact me or call me at (708) 365-9090 for additional information.